“So don’t lose heart.  Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.”

2 Corinthians 4:16

Today is a milestone moment. I am turning the BIG 50! Wait how did this happen! I was just rocking out to my 80’s music (literally in my car last night)! Oh those were the “best days of my life.” Gotta love Bryan Adams.

Today, I am reminded to not lose heart as I age, even though  my physical body is wasting away. I can certainly agree that my body is wasting away, especially every morning as I roll out of bed fighting the aches and pains in my joints. But, Paul reminds us even though our physical bodies naturally slow down with age, our inner self has the ability to be renewed daily. Our hearts, soul and mind can stay young, fresh and renewed if we choose. We don’t have to look and act like the old and outdated. A renewed inner life is refreshing for others to be around.

A crotchety, old soul is depressing, however a renewed soul is refreshing!

Renewing our inner self requires us to identify a bad habit (pride, negativity) and turning it into good habit (humility, optimism).  It’s choosing to look inside our heart and remove the tarnished rust spots that develop as we age. Rusted old souls are undesired and unwanted. The important people in our life may disengage. Our relationships may become dead, instead of alive and vibrant. An intimate relationship with our heavenly father helps us to age beautifully!  He helps us remove the tarnished and rusted.

I don’t have to lose heart as I enter into a new decade of life, and neither do you. The opportunity is great to remain young, renewed, refreshed and relevant!

Remain focused on your inner life to protect your outer life!

How has God helped your inner life to age beautiflly so that you are refreshing to others?  Please share your thoughts and comments so others can be encouraged.

Lord Jesus help us to age beautifully!  Give us the desire to remove the rusted areas of our heart that may have caused us to waste away.  Show us how to keep our heart, soul, and mind from getting old, but renewed daily so we can live vibrantly as we age.