Better Than Espresso

30 Motivations to Boost Your Faith and Confidence

Mirror Decals: A Positive Morning Message

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There is Purpose in a Pause

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About The Book

Are you a coffee lover like me?  Wouldn’t you agree there is nothing like awakening to the smell of a brewing pot of coffee? As a morning cup of coffee is awesome, it’s words of wisdom that make our lives blossom.

Better Than Espresso is for any woman who needs a boost first thing in the morning, to gain a “winning mindset” and start taking control of her thoughts.  It’s easy to allow lies and false narratives to blanket our minds and keep us stuck in the mud with messy thoughts.

You can experience freedom from  thoughts of fear, hurt, shame, and lack of confidence that hold you back.  Renewing the mind is a discipline we must practice to move forward with confidence and greater faith.

This 30 day devotional will inspire your mind to:

  • Get up! Start taking control of your thoughts rather than let them control you.
  • Create a better version of yourself by allowing God to renew your mind with life-giving, encouraging words
  • Experience freedom so you don’t stay stuck in a muddy, messy mindset.
  • Recite, repeat, and reflect “sticky truths” from your morning mirror.

Do you want a Boost of faith and confidence?  Better Than Espresso is a great devotional to learn mindful truths, reflect, and journal your thoughts.  Check out the custom made mirror decals that go along with the book, a tool to recite and repeat “sticky truths” from your morning mirror to start your day off right. Along with your cup of coffeetoo!

Your Author and Brewer of Faith,

Julie Pearson


“Julie’s biblical insights, inspiring stories, and humorous examples in Better Than Espresso will help you renew your mind and shut out those nagging negative thoughts. Alongside the Bible, this devotional will help you move forward, stay focused on the truth, and become fixated not on the lies you tend to tell yourself, but on the truth of who you are in the eyes of your fully capable, loving Creator. Don’t start your morning without it!”

 ~Cindi McMenamin, national speaker, Bible teacher, and author of several books, including When Women Walk Alone, When A Woman Overcomes Life’s Hurts and God’s Whispers to a Woman’s Heart.


“Julie’s transparency comes through in such a real way, you feel like you’re across the table having a conversation over a cup of coffee. Julie’s vulnerability helps us understand she’s been where we’ve been. Looking at the emotions we experience from time to time –  guilt, shame, fear, lack of purpose – through a biblical filter always provides greater peace and clarity. Julie guides us to do just that: to reflect on our situations in light of God’s truth – and what a perfect time in history to have this as a resource!”  

~Lisa T. Grimes: Co-author, Remember Who YOU Are and 25 Days of Christmas for Your Heart and Home, Managing Director, Habergeon LLC, Board Chair, Knowing God Ministries


“Julie has such a beautiful way of talking real life issues, dignifying those issues and ultimately bringing them into Biblical wisdom. Through Better Than Espresso Julie gets to the core of a woman’s heart. In her writing she helps her reader identify what’s been holding her captive and then points her to reflection and Biblical truth. What a great way to start your day, with a cup of coffee, some time in the Word and Better Than Espresso.”

~ Rachel Cherie Baker, Director of Women’s Ministry, LifePoint Church Nevada, author of Deconstructed Bible Study Guide and Deconstructing Esther


“I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek read of Julie Pearson’s new book Better Than Espresso.
It kept me intrigued and wanting more. Julie has always inspired women in faith and has always inspired me to go for what I’m challenged with. I highly recommend this incredible book. You will grow as a person of faith and even find out what God has planned for you. Enjoy cozying up and getting real with God and your faith.”

~Heather Lasher, Reader

“Julie has an amazing way of speaking directly into the heart of the challenges women face.  Her application of the timeless truths in Scripture – turning them into ‘sticky quotes’ is revolutionary in empowering us to defeat our fears and insecurities!”

~Tara Furman, Founder and President of Knowing God
Ministries, Author of Knowing God, Created for Purpose, and The 7 Day Challenge; Jumpstart your Marriage in a Week.


I was laughing and crying as I read Julie’s devotional, Better than Espresso! Her practical sayings from God’s Word speak directly to the female experience! She says them in a way that makes them stick! I will be using this awesome devotional as I soak in His presence, mentor women, and lead my own ministry.  Thank you Julie for placing my mindset in perspective so I can walk in truth and confidence again.”

~Roxanna Grimes, Co-Founder of The Relationship Warehouse, Author of The Pearl Experience, Trained Counselor

Better than Espresso is the perfect addition to your personal devotion library! Julie’s personal stories and that of her friends are shared with a beautiful authenticity that is rare. They are laced with humor, candor, and hope.  By reading them, you will find that regardless of your circumstances, God is faithful! You will laugh, cry, and go away with new ways to reframe your circumstances with beautiful scripture. So, grab your cup of coffee, sit down and experience a little time with Julie that is Better than Espresso!

Linda Johns, Specializing in Relational Trauma, Professional Certified Life Coach ,Certified Partner Coach (APSATS), Instructor Christian Life Coach, Certified
Recovery Coach.


Better Than Espresso had me captivated from the very beginning. It is very relatable and an easy read. Julie uses our human thoughts and God’s Word tied together to bring a visual of hope. This book will not only impress God’s love upon your heart, but cultivate and stimulate a new excitement of growth. It challenges you to go deeper, to learn more about yourself and to find peace and hope. A true treasure!”

~ Kimberly Frankl, Reader


“Julie Pearson gets it! Life is unpredictable and we are not the ones in control – God is driving the direction of our lives.  Better Than Espresso shines a light on placing our faith in God, look outside our negative thoughts and see God’s perspective on our daily lives.  This book makes you think and reflect in a new way.  Peppered with real-life situations and Scripture, it’s an engaging and uplifting read.”

~ Michelle Ladcani, Reader


Better than Espresso captures the heart and takes you on your own journey of self-exploration. It mirrors our own mindsets of how we view our own strengths and weaknesses and how God uses those to restore and inspire each one of us through our trials and triumphs. It’s heartfelt and Spirit led. I can’t wait to share it with my closest friends.”           

~Stacie Marten, Reader