Better Than Espresso: 30 Motivations to Boost Your Faith and Confidence

You can have a “winning mindset”!

There is nothing like awakening to the smell of fresh brewing coffee! But when your mind and thoughts are stuck in the mud, you may require more than a jolt of caffeine to face the day.

In this 30-day devotional, Julie will help you combat the lies, false beliefs, and distorted narratives that control your thoughts, so you can empower your mind to start your day with a winning mindset. Your mind sets the trajectory for your life, so you must be kind to your thoughts.

In Better Than Espresso, Julie will inspire you to:

  • Take control of your thoughts rather than let them control you
  • Create a better version of yourself by allowing God to renew your mind with life-giving, encouraging words
  • Experience freedom from fear, hurt, shame, and lack of confidence so you don’t stay stuck in a muddy, messy mindset
  • Recite, reflect, and repeat “Sticky Truths” from your morning mirror

Grab your cup of coffee and get ready for a boost of faith and confidence.


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Each chapter is a “Sticky Quote” to empower your mind. Place your daily “Sticky Quote” Mirror Decal on your morning mirror. Recite & repeat every day and watch your life start to change!

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“Julie’s biblical insights, inspiring stories, and humorous examples in Better Than Espresso will help you renew your mind and shut out those nagging negative thoughts. Alongside the Bible, this devotional will help you move forward, stay focused on the truth, and become fixated not on the lies you tend to tell yourself, but on the truth of who you are in the eyes of your fully capable, loving Creator. Don’t start your morning without it!”

Cindi McMenamin

National speaker, Bible teacher, and author of several books, including When Women Walk Alone, When A Woman Overcomes Life’s Hurts and God’s Whispers to a Woman’s Heart.

“Julie’s transparency comes through in such a real way, you feel like you’re across the table having a conversation over a cup of coffee. Julie’s vulnerability helps us understand she’s been where we’ve been. Looking at the emotions we experience from time to time –  guilt, shame, fear, lack of purpose – through a biblical filter always provides greater peace and clarity. 

Lisa T Grimes

Co-author, Remember Who YOU Are and 25 Days of Christmas for Your Heart and Home, Managing Director, Habergeon LLC, Board Chair, Knowing God Ministries

“Julie has an amazing way of speaking directly into the heart of the challenges women face.  Her application of the timeless truths in Scripture – turning them into ‘sticky quotes’ is revolutionary in empowering us to defeat our fears and insecurities!”

Tara Furman

Founder and President of Knowing God Ministries

Better than Espresso is the perfect addition to your personal devotion library! Julie’s personal stories and that of her friends are shared with a beautiful authenticity that is rare. They are laced with humor, candor, and hope.  By reading them, you will find that regardless of your circumstances, God is faithful!

Linda Johns

Relational Trauma, Professional Certified Life Coach ,Certified Partner Coach (APSATS), Instructor Christian Life Coach, Certified Recovery Coach.

“Julie has such a beautiful way of talking real life issues, dignifying those issues and ultimately bringing them into Biblical wisdom. Through Better Than Espresso Julie gets to the core of a woman’s heart. 

Rachel Cherie Baker

Director of Women’s Ministry, LifePoint Church Nevada, author of Deconstructed Bible Study Guide and Deconstructing Esther

I was laughing and crying as I read Julie’s devotional, Better than Espresso! Her practical sayings from God’s Word speak directly to the female experience! She says them in a way that makes them stick! 

Roxanna Grimes

Co-Founder of The Relationship Warehouse, Author of The Pearl Experience, Trained Counselor