I did something very scary for me today.  I clicked the “send” button on my email!

For quite some time, I have known I had a book inside of me, but I never believed in myself enough to write.  I didn’t believe I had the skill set, especially after all the books I read written by other women in ministry.  Their writings and ideas were so good, I couldn’t possibly fathom that this skill set was available for me too.  Not long ago, God sent a woman in my life who became that needed voice inside, “I believe in your ability to write”.  Her voice became a force for me to get up and start clicking away at the keyboard.

Courage is doing something even if we feel like we are going to fail or fall.

I exhibited an act of courage today by sending my book proposal to a publisher. Y’all this is so scary for me, but I did it because I am tired of allowing my failures to control and define me!!  I will never move onto greater things in my life if I play it safe.  Failure has been the monster emotion that has kept me in the comfortable and has kept me stuck for far too long!

I love to learn life lessons from other people, especially women in the Bible.  One of the famous stories of Courage in the Bible is Esther.  Esther was a young Jewish woman who was chosen to settle in King Xeres’s (Persian King) palace after the death of Queen Vashti.  Esther learned of a nasty decree that the Jewish people were going to be killed by Haman, one of the King’s officials.  Convinced by her cousin Mordecai, Esther decided to bravely enter into the King’s presence to ask a petition, which was ultimately to save the Jews from death.  To understand the severity of her bravery, Esther completely risked her life by approaching the King on her behalf and without an invitation.  Her actions were far fetched and completely out of the norm in this time of history.  A lot was at stake for Esther to do something so brave; her reputation, public ridicule, abandonment, and worst yet, death.  Esther saved a nation of people because of her courageous act. I want my life to look more like Esther’s.   A woman who displays an incredible amount of courage not for her own benefit, but for the benefit of family, friends, neighbors, and community.

“I will go to the King, even though it is against the law, And if I perish, I perish.”

Esther 4:16 (NIV)

Esther was able to display this kind of courage because she was comfortable in who she was.  She knew her God so well she didn’t need to live for the approval of others.  She allowed to live her life on purpose and with principle.

What is it going to take for you to display more courage in your life?  Like myself, are you allowing the fear of failure or what others are going to think to stop you from standing up for truths, morals, values, and principles?  Here is a truth and promise that has come alive for me…

“When I become more at ease with me, COURAGE is not absent from me.”

How well do you know God?  Is God the catalyst in allowing you to be more at ease with you?  Or are you trying to do it through your own strength, accolades, and accomplishments?  We will never obtain the kind of courage Esther displayed if we don’t bring God into the picture.  The pressure from the outside world is just too great.

There is a likely possibility that my book proposal will not be accepted from a publisher.  But no matter the outcome, I am glad I took this step of courage.  Why?  As we begin to portray more acts of courage and invite God in, our confidence begins to shift.  We need the God confidence to do the scary.  If you and I don’t do the scary, a generation of people may suffer.  Think about it. We may be missing an opportunity to help shape and influence one life because we chose courage instead of comfortable.

“God, I pray for the women that read this blog.  Help us to be the Esther’s in such a time as this.  I pray for the specific courage a woman needs right now to do the scary.  I pray for her not to get distracted by looking at the right or to the left, but to look up and forward to you.  Amen”

Julie Pearson is the Founder of Revival 4 Women.  To find out more about her ministry click Here.