Hi Friends! I miss writing to you.  It’s been a crazy year right?  Life how we knew it, is definitely different.  For most of us, it’s been a year of readjusting and perhaps, some rebuilding.

During Covid, my husband and I became tuned in to the “Fix n Flip” shows on HGTV.  Are you an avid lover like me?   WOW what people can do is incredible!!   Don’t you just love watching how the experts turn NASTY homes (I mean nasty!!) into new and beautiful?  It is fascinating to see the progress and rebuild.  Likewise,  I am endeared how God rebuilds and reshapes our lives too.

For over 30 years, I allowed my life to be held hostage by what I considered a HUGE failure. I went off to college with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.  This was “my plan”, I was going to make it happen because it was the perfect career that suited my dream… being a mom.

But…  It was NOT God’s plan.

I FAILED the CBEST test (a preliminary test for a credential) TEN TIMES! Talk about not giving up. I was going to pass this test if it broke me because “this was MY plan”.  For the next three years, each time I received my test results in the mail, my limiting thoughts and beliefs began to build.  “I’m not smart enough”.  “I can’t do that”. “I’m a failure”.

Is there limiting thoughts and beliefs you too have built up in your mind over the years?  Is there an experience you have not overcome yet which is holding you hostage like me?

Friend, journey with me for a moment because I want to encourage you.  I realize God may or may not be an active part of your life.  I do have a strong faith, but even then, God can seem distant in the messy moments.  But here’s a truth about His character that has recently permeated my life.

God is our master re-builder.  He’s the ultimate contractor who hammers the lies, and restores the truth!!

Speaking of messy moments, there’s no shortage when you read stories in the Bible.  The entire theme of the scriptures boils down to one point…  Before Jesus, the Jews were looking for a King to rebuild the ruined parts of their life.  God in his incredible love for us, provided a sovereign King (His son Jesus) to re-build , restore, and revitalize our life eternally.  Jesus is the greatest contractor that ever lived (which was his actual trade) and He has the power to rebuild and restore our ruined thoughts.

“‘After this I will return and rebuild David’s fallen tent. Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it.” (Acts 15:16 NIV)

After being entrenched with HGTV this past year, my husband and I felt a nudge to do something different as we look towards retirement and empty nesting.  I will never forget his words as we snuggled on our comfy couch, “Julie I think you should pursue Real Estate”.  What!! No way I could never do that!!  Notice my tone and the negative beliefs about my abilities surging  my mind.  Remember I couldn’t pass my teaching test, how could I ever pass the Real Estate exam? Excuses of why I couldn’t, dominated our conversation.  In my mind, this exam is way more difficult than my previous.  I couldn’t bear the thought of another piece of paper shouting “Failed” instead of “Congratulations You Passed”.

Well one thing led to another, and it was time to slay this dragon which held me hostage for over 30 years.  So, I mustered all the courage, faith, and perseverance I had to confront this enemy built inside my soul.

God is Good ~ I just passed my Real Estate exam my first attempt last week!!   

Not only did I pass my Real Estate exam, but God is leading me to rebuild and restore old dilapidated homes in the small town my husband grew up in, Oklahoma.  It’s no accident He is leading me into the area of Real Estate. It’s a wonderful parallel how He works in our life.

I share my personal story not to pat my own back.  The struggle of limiting beliefs, lies, and false narratives is so real to many of us women and it burdens my heart and soul to see so many of us not living out our full potential.

Just like a contractor, there are 3 useful strategies we can apply to rebuild our negative beliefs:

  • Do the demo: Discover the walls that need to be torn down.  (don’t you love the open concept in home remodels). Apply this concept to your mind too. What are your limiting beliefs that keep your home  (mind) from being open to new opportunities?
  • Fix what is broken: After a contractor tears down walls, he can fix the wires, pipes, and equipment necessary for the new remodel. Fix and repair your damaged thoughts through identifying the destructive emotions and behaviors that coincide with your thought. Immediately contradict it with a positive and alternative thought.
    • Damaged thought: “Nothing ever works out for me”
    • Unhealthy emotion & behavior: Resentful, anger, refusing to take the little steps.
    • Alternative thought: “ It may not work out in my favor this time, but I will keep learning because one day it will.”
  • Reframe the walls: Grab your hammer and nails and build with new studs.  Reframing is a daily habit of conquering an old limiting belief with a new truthful thought.  This not only requires consistency, but trust that your contractor knows the business well.

Reframing eventually turns into Restoring… Don’t miss this friend. This is the most important part!

Remember, the key to successful rebuilds is the contractor you choose.  Practically speaking, I realized this truth during my first fix n flip project.  Your contractor is the key to your success.  Who are you going to choose to help you reshape your limiting beliefs?

If you choose Jesus, He will do it right the first time.  He will add a new confidence you thought you never had.  He helps you be the true YOU instead of be the fearfully and insecure YOU.  Give him a try, if you need His number, I will be happy to hand it out😊.

Dear Jesus, I know you are the best contractor for the job in reshaping my negative beliefs.  Thank you for your master hands. I pray you help me to put more trust in you as I lean into this journey of re-shaping old patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Reveal to me the walls I need to tear down so my life can be a new remodel. Amen

If you would like to see a visual of turning an old dilapidated home into new, check out my first fix n flip project. I hope this visual can serve as a reminder of how God works in our life if we allow Him to be our master builder.


Julie Pearson

Blogger, Faithful Influencer, Re-Builder, Author of Better Than Espresso