Siri was bugging me!  Isn’t her voice annoying sometimes, especially when you are driving?

It was a Saturday morning and I was preparing to drive my son to his soccer tournament which was about an hour south of our home. I entered the address into my phone sure of the direction, but as I glanced at my screen, I couldn’t believe my eyes – a complete re-route with blue lines everywhere which made absolutely no sense.  I thought to myself, Siri has surely lost her mind.  Stubbornly, I was not going to follow her directions. She was going to make us late. Soon enough, I realized that was a monumental mistake.

It so happened that Siri was right! I should have listened to her all along. I discovered during the drive that there was a big accident, enough to delay our arrival time, which made perfect sense for Siri to re-route us.  Instead of embracing the re-route, I resisted it, causing us to arrive a half hour later and my son to fall apart at the seams because he was late for his game. There was a benefit to the re-route, but I foolishly saw it as a curse.

Often, we don’t realize there is something bigger behind the scenes when our plans, dreams, and decisions get re-routed.  Just as I questioned the logic and reasoning of Siri, I have questioned God.  “God I thought this was your plan, where are you? You’re not making sense?” Have you been in that spot, questioning God in your re-route too?

Trusting God in the re-route and embracing His change-of-plans is not an easy task.  We want to be the director of our life. We prefer to control our routes & destinations, instead of heeding the advice we find in Proverbs 3:5-6.  Trust in the Lord, He will make your path straight. This is the hard work of faith, trusting in His understanding not our own.

How do you settle your emotions if you are in the middle of a re-route? Here are three lessons I am learning in my own re-route, and I hope you can consider them too.

Trust in the assigned path:

I can’t promise a smooth and straight path, but I can promise when we trust in our sovereign God, our re-route will feel less winding (like the mountain roads), and more smooth. He will make your paths straight, that’s why Trusting in Him is so beneficial!

Take the next faithful step: 

God’s desire is to build your faith, more than your comfort and convenience. Stepping out in faith, without it looking crystal clear, is risky business.  As you take that next faithful step, you build more grit, God-confidence, and before you know it, your re-route is probably bigger and better than you imagined!

Acknowledge that your understanding is limited, but God’s is divine and favorable:

God created you and me, He knows what we can handle and what we cannot.  Sometimes we just need to admit and verbalize, “God you know me best, your understanding for my life is perfect and mine is not.”

As you think about the Siri analogy, what re-routes have taken place in your life and did you embrace or resist it?  What new understanding have you been able to seek because of the re-route?

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Julie Pearson is the author of Better Than Espresso and a faith influencer for women.