He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.

Psalm 25:9 (NIV)

Every one of us will go through a time of humility at one time or another. Even our kids will learn the great lesson of humility.

This past weekend my youngest daughter experienced God’s truth of humility. She has done very well in her sport of gymnastics, winning at least one medal and placing in the top five at every competition. Her winning streak came to an end this past weekend, she didn’t earn one medal!

The sheer look of disappointment covered her face. My heart ached watching my baby girl walk humbly away with no medal around her neck. She felt like a failure!

A great teachable moment was in store for my little girl. She learned what it’s like to be last instead of first. She learned life is not always filled with wins and how to work through the losses. She learned about the dangers of self pride and the greatness of humility.

God uses our humbling moments to grow us and become more like Him. Learning humility is tough on our pride, but God doesn’t keep us there.  He lifts up those who are humbled.  He teaches us new and better ways to live our life right!

How has God used your humble moments to teach you what is right and be a greater person of influence?

Please reply and share your teachable moment with others today?

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