1 Chronicles 16: 11-12, 34.(NIV) Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the WONDERS he has done, his miracles. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.

For many of us, life has been rough so this season of Thanksgiving is going to be tough.

It’s easy to give thanks when life is going well. But how do we give thanks when life is difficult? A lost job, a financial crisis, a family tragedy, a lost sense of self, a troubled child, a ruined marriage.

Most people who know me would look at my life and think she has all the reasons in the world to be thankful. She’s healthy, has a wonderful family and kids, married to a husband who adores her, lives in a nice home. She has a blessed life. I do have a blessed life and I should be very thankful. But honestly, there are parts of my life where there is a struggle and it causes me to lose sight of the many blessings God has bestowed on my life. I have had to force myself to “remember the wonder. “ Starting my day echoing words of thanks and gratitude has recently been a habit of healing and self assurance that “God is good and His love endures forever.” A heart of gratitude is the best medicine for the soul.

As we take a pause this week to remember the wonder He has done and give thanks for the good things, (even the simple things like a hug from a child) God will reveal the greater things, His love!

Live Life blessed not depressed!

In order to accomplish this mindset, we must shift our focus from the things that aren’t right to the things that are right. What is right in your life at this moment? Do you have a good job, maybe it’s not the perfect job, but God has you there for a reason and a season. Your health may not be optimal, but if you look around, I’m sure it can be a lot worse.

If you are headed into this holiday weekend with a heavy and burdened heart, I sincerely pray God gives you something to be thankful for. Practice this formula as you prepare to sit around the dining room table dressed with all the delicious food.
• Remember a wonder that God has done for you
• Tell others about the wonder
• Give God the glory when the wonder is revealed
• Offer yourself, your time, and your resources to someone who needs a wonder!

Practice these things and you will start living a blessed life, not a depressed life!
Happy Thanksgiving

Prayer:  Thank you God for the many blessings you have bestowed on my life, but perhaps it’s been difficult for me to see.  Give me a set of new eyes this week where I can clearly see how I have been blessed.  Give me the strength to settle in with family and friends even if it may be difficult.  Allow my life to be a mantle of your love and help me to see how I can be a blessing to someone else.  Amen

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