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Finally Becoming At Ease With Me
Words greatly influence our minds. They hold the power to heal or damage, build or destroy, motivate or discourage. Our own words can be our worst enemy and keep us stuck in the mud of life. Julie shares her own journey of being stuck in the mud with negative beliefs until she found a way to climb out. Her talk provides a starting place for women to gain control of their thoughts and start living freely.
Restored in the Ruin of Failure

Failure is a tough emotion that doesn’t sit well in our soul. We all encounter failure, it just looks a little different. If we don’t learn how to be Free From Failure, it will continue to Fail us. Julie will share 3 important truths that helped set her Free of the “Big Red Marks” of Failure.

  • Be Dominated By God’s Love
  • Be Rebuilt and Determined by Failure, not Diminished by Failure
  • Be Developed by Failure, not Destroyed by Failure
Experiencing God’s Love in the Miracle

Is there a miracle that stands out in your life? Miracles happen all around us, big or small. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps God’s love is displayed in your miracle? As we comprehend God’s love for us, we live accepted, not rejected. As we begin to notice the miracles (big or small) in our own life, we will begin to learn some important truths about the character of God.

  • His Grace minimizes our mistakes
  • His is our protector and provider.
  • He has a bigger plan and purpose in the unseen.
A Life of Passion, Purpose, and Pursuit

If we can’t be comfortable with who we are, we will never be comfortable with where we desire to go and what we want to do. Our passions are born from knowing who God created us to be. As we develop a healthy sense of identity, it will move us in our purpose and pursuits and keep us from a life of complacency. Julie will share from her personal experiences how to find a true sense of self.

  • Live Loved and Accepted
  • Live Secure instead of in Fear
  • Live with Less Worry and more Value and Significance.
Letting Go of the Anchors

Holding on to our past will keep us anchored at shore. We have been created to experience more. If we want to move into deeper waters and experience more, we need to think about the sails on our boat. Julie will share three personal truths that have helped her to let go of the anchors, and experience more (deeper waters).

  • Trust in our sails
  • Surrender parts of our sails that keep us stuck
  • Don’t compare our sails.
Fighting the Bullies of I’m Not Enough

The bullies of rejection, comparison, perfection & performance will kill, steal, and destroy many areas of our life. If they linger, they will tell us “I am not enough” and our confidence can be shattered. We must learn to fight these bullies to live wholeheartedly and enjoy everyday life and relationships. Julie will share her story how the childhood bully manifested into her adult life and tried to steal, kill, and destroy. But, she is learning how to fight the bully and will share valuable tools of equipping the mind, body, soul, & spirit.

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A Great Recipe for Marriage: Setting Goals Together

Setting goals as a married couple is a great recipe in building a solid marriage. Great marriages are successful because they have taken the time to develop a plan of action. They don’t wait until disaster hits. Julie will share her personal experience of setting goals every New Year’s with her husband, and how this process has built trust, transparency and agreement in her marriage. She will share a practical illustration how this process of goal setting with our spouse is fun, easy and engaging.

A Balanced Life: Avoid the Pitfall of Busy

We live in a world of crazy! But when our lives have balance, we ultimately win the game of life. Balance breeds success, just ask a gymnast who competes on the balance beam. If her body is not aligned and steady, it’s a good possibility she will crash. Life is very similar. Julie will share a powerful formula how to keep a balanced perspective so family, kids and self are healthy.

Leaving Behind a Legacy of Faith”

At the center of a Mother’s heart is her children. The things we do today matters for tomorrow. Leaving behind a great legacy of faith builds a sense of confidence, value, and purpose in our children. We have all heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” Julie will share from her personal experience how this statement was true in her own life of parenting. She will inspire moms with two key ingredients in leaving behind a great legacy; The power of prayer and leading by example. Let’s be moms who pass the baton and finish the race of parenting well, so future generations are positively impacted.

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  • Servant Leadership
  • The Power of Momentum


I have had the pleasure of hearing Julie speak at one her of Gap Gals events. She impacts the room when she speaks. Julie is an inspirational speaker and speaks right at the heart to women in many seasons of life. I am telling anyone out there that has not heard Julie’s testimony you’re missing out. Her speaking ministry is her passion and a true blessing to me and so many other women. Julie will open your eyes and make you feel Gods presence all around. Her energy and fire for Christ is overwhelming.

Heather Lasher, Gap Gals Attendee

At our first Gap Gals Unite in Moreno Valley, Julie was the guest speaker and did an excellent job conveying how important it is to know that the Lord gives each and every one of us a purpose. She had visual aids and a touch of humor to remind us all to seek the Lord and He will reveal His vision for our lives. Julie has an obvious passion and love for women and bringing them together in Christ’s name. That passion is evident when she takes the stage.
Lindsay Sweeney, Director of Women’s Ministry, Discovery Christian Church

Julie came to our MOPS group to speak to us about “Goal Setting With Your Spouse.” Our whole group loved her wisdom and energy. She left us with great suggestions to help strengthen our marriages through routine goal setting and encouraged us to avoid conflict through open lines of communication. I’ve already brought some of her ideas home with me!!!
Karen Potter, MOPS Group Leader

Julie speaks with great enthusiasm and keeps our attention! She used tangible props and illustrations to bring home her points. Our moms thoroughly enjoyed her talk about Living a Balanced Life.
Cindy Steinmeyer: Northpoint MOPS Coordinator