What are you afraid of right now?  Covid, unemployment, your health, your kid’s futures, finances, your job, the outcome of our election?  There is certainly a lot of fear in the air right now because of so much uncertainty in our current climate.

I admit, I can allow my fears to hold me hostage.  Fear can stop me from taking the risks needed to get ahead.  Fear can keep me from pursuing my heartfelt dreams.  Fear often doesn’t allow me to act rationally and can interrupt truth.   Fear is the game of lies and keeps me stuck in old thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Fear of rejection can prevent me from building relationships and pouring into people’s lives.  If you’re like me, I’m fed up with allowing fear to control my life.  What would it look like if you and I lived on the other side of fear?

I think we would be more brave in our approach to life by asking this simple question, “What if it does work?”, instead of, “What if it doesn’t work”?  I imagine the person asking the first question as someone with a positive outlook and accomplishing great things. They are unwilling to live complacent!  I also imagine this person mastering faith over fear.  They believe God takes hold of their right hand and helps them through their doubts and fears (Isaiah 41:13).

We can’t go wrong with more faith and less fear; anxiety decreases, and dreams are accomplished.  If you want to live on the other side of fear, it requires 3 disciplines.

1). Meet It.  Acknowledge and admit your fear. Introduce yourself to it, but be aware of  how it may be influencing your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.


2). Defeat It.  Step into it.  We can’t defeat anything if we give up and aren’t active in the game.  Tonight, I watched the Baseball World Series 4th game, and the last play of the game Tampa Bay defeated the Dodgers by 2 runs after being behind 1 run. Tampa Bay defeated their appeared loss the last second of the game because they didn’t give up. Defeating fear is only possible by confronting it then attacking it!


3). Faith It.  Defeat does not happen alone.  You need someone bigger than yourself to conquer the stifling fear.  Invite the sovereign God to be your partner.  He says 365 times in His word, “Do not fear” that’s one for every day of the year.

Imagine the picture of your life if you lived on the other side of fear?  A dream and desire is falling into place.  Anxiety is lessened because your faith is beating out your fear.  Your kids are seeing an example of your courage, faith, and perseverance.   Spend a few moments naming your fear and ponder how it’s effecting your life. Open your hands, lift up your arms to your Heavenly Father, and release that fear so you can begin fulfilling Gods destiny for your life.

Encourage someone today reading this blog.  Share your experience with fear and how you are learning to live on the other side of it. If you encourage someone today with your comments,  you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE mirror decal of my Sticky Quote; “Fear Asks What If it Doesn’t Work”, Faith asks “What If it Does Work”  to encourage you first thing in the morning.

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Julie Pearson is the author of Better Than Espresso and a faith influencer for women.