We all have an emotional need to feel loved, visible and valued.

Do you agree that the social media frenzy has caused some impact on our mental health crisis today?  I recently had an appointment with our family pediatrician for my kid’s annual physicals and I was flabbergasted by the questions the pediatrician was asking my children.   It is now required for pediatricians to inquire not only on the physical health of children, but the mental health as well.  WOW a true sign of the times we live in!

Questions by the Doctor included, Do you feel lonely? How many hours do you spend on social media everyday? Our pediatrician confirmed the recent studies of today.  One psychology professor at San Diego State University discovered that teens who spend 5 or more hours a day online were 71% more likely to have at least one risk factor for suicide compared to teens who spent only 1 hour a day online. This risk increases with only two or more hours spent online.

Children are not only at risk of this epidemic, but it has been studied that adults are also suffering.  We hear so much talk today about the mental health crisis.  It is my belief our culture is facing an identity crisis epidemic.  We are hungry for personal value and validation, thanks to social media. I believe the identity crisis is some result of a disregard for God.  We want to be seen, loved, and valued more by the world than by our God.

Here is a great verse to consider as we give this idea more thought.

1 Peter 2:9, NIV: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

Do you notice a key word in this verse?  “Chosen”.  Allow me to encourage you for a minute.  You may struggle, as I have at times, with God’s love being absent in your life.  You may feel invisible and unloved by God and the world.   Favor doesn’t  seem to be upon you.  All your efforts seem meaningless compared to everyone else you scroll on social media. You may not feel very “chosen” at this moment in time.

As you dial in on this verse, God is trying to make a valid realization from His word.  He desires you to choose Him as your guide (not the temptations of the world) and make a habit of declaring His greatness. As a result, your life naturally becomes more purposeful.  You begin to see how your creator created you with unique design.  You are a valued and prized possession, instead of someone who is invisible, unloved, and devalued.  Life with God is always better than life with the world. The world will eventually disappoint, but God always develops.  He will make himself known to you.  He sees, loves, and values you more than the world could ever accomplish.  Why is there such a rise of darkness (suicide, depression, anxiety) in the world?  A meaningless life is a result of striving to be seen, loved and valued by the world’s standards more than by God.  If you can comprehend that your life was chosen by God to love others, use your gifts and talents, and make a difference in this world, the emptiness of life would be minimized. “You were called out of the world’s darkness, (which results in a life of void)  and into his wonderful light”.

  There is HOPE for a meaningless life and it can be found in this simple truth:

The World Depletes Your Value, but God Defines & Develops Your Value.

Dear Jesus: Thank you for choosing us as a prized possession and rescuing us from the darkness of the world.  I pray you use each woman who reads this blog to be a source of HOPE for someone else today.  Allow her to spread your message of love and value as she goes about her day today.  Amen



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